Median house value is the US.

Business Insider estimated the median house value for each of the Census Bureau’s Public Use Microdata Areas. These are a way of slicing up the country into areas that contain around 100,000 people. For densely populated cities, these correspond to neighborhoods, or groups of neighborhoods. For less densely populated areas, like in the Mountain West, they can be entire groups of counties.

Here’s the area with the highest median house value in every state:



Changing distribution of income growth during periods of economic expansion.

Changing distribution of income growth during periods of economic expansion:

distribution of income

For a long time, most of the gains from economic growth went to the bottom 90% of the income distribution. And, after all, the bottom 90% includes the vast majority of people.┬áSince 1980, that hasn’t been the case. And for the first several years of the current expansion, the bottom 90% saw inflation-adjusted incomes continue to fall.

Source: Pavlina R Tcherneva.